Front: Toward Enemy


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Melting Face 03:58
she was sleeping, she felt safe, suddenly awoken with the pain it’s not a nightmare what you feel your skin is burning and it's real! acid corrodes your flesh like fire and wax eyes without eyelids open wide and blinded drown in disgrace, melting face! condemned to shame and ugliness. disfigured, almost deaf nose and lips without shape you pray for merciful death because weak men only think about themselves disrespect everything else they destroy what they can't control, you are now a monster, problem solved! pray for death beg for death pray for death merciful death
through the ancient form I will be reborn immaculate conception of evil reincarnation you have multiplied as a disease around the world I know my time has come, the hiss of death slithering lies temptation and damnation serpent manipulates minds, you can't resist sin on the way to self-destruction it leads you to... the fall of all mankind, inside your wretched hearts within your vile souls the triumph of Belial sons of the "original sin" awaken your worst feelings your destiny is the extermination so choose the left hand path god has abandoned you you cannot reach the salvation... EXTERMINATION
Death Proof 02:46
they don’t know that death is now waiting for them and is running on wheels one more shot, smoke some pot and your brain will be fucked and out of control take the car, drive to me, into the mouth of the shark you will be slaughtered on the street, in the night, hidden in the shadow, silence is broken, by my... ROAR ! four young girls or four whores, doesn't matter to me, there will be no mercy I drive fast with no lights squeezing the steering wheel, I have a boner, I will win once again 'cause of my car, It’s a beast, I am the tamer, crashing with a smile I'm not afraid to die, because I am death proof I will lubricate my engine with your blood, an orgy of flesh and iron flashing lights, tires screech, I’m cumin’ inside you, can you feel the beast? legs are flying, brains explode, you are chopped in half, blood spurts everywhere no more fear no more pain and I am still alive I have to celebrate to your guts to your bones to your crushed skull, I will masterbate. DEATH PROOF
Ignoto1 03:23
blood boils in my veins, an unshakeable obsession for her it is so wrong, so young and pure, I crave for her flesh, I am the wolf and she's the lamb. at night time the hunt begins, you can't hear my steps, my bloodshot eyes are always on you. I'm getting closer and closer...I can smell your scent... I can't control the beast in me, your fear excites me, your muffled screams are a sweet song, no one will know, shut up! no one will ever know... sweat, tears and blood all over a rotten corpse you signed your sentence the hunter will be hunted the hunter will be hunted condemned to rot in a cell!
stench of urine and faeces the rattling of chains hours turn into days I'm dehydrated and I'm... starving lying naked on the floor I fight all day and night with mice I am sure that you are watchin’ and I know that you can hear me! Take these chains from me! why don't you set me free? what did I do to deserve this torture? do you wanna rape me? You pervert! are you getting excited while I’m dying? you scumbag! Why do you keep hiding? I don't want to die in this filthy cellar I don't want to die screams from the cellar... my screams from the cellar
Vigo 03:12
the river of slime flows under the ground it feeds on evil, it grows with wickedness listen to me, I Vigo, command you find me a child and I might live again... death is but a door time is but a window I will be back!" "On a mountain of skulls in the castle of pain I sat on a throne of blood a season of evil what was will be what is will be no more" command me Lord! scourge of Carpathia, sorrow of Moldavia, command me Lord!
in Ireland 300 years ago the death of Margorie McCall killed by a lethal fever, and buried, with her wedding ring that night two grave robbers came from the dark searching for some precious objects and bodies their hearts and their shovels didn’t know any shame her grave has been dug up the coffin has been re-opened the treasure has been found a ring impossible to remove so they had to... cut her finger off living blood still flows she's back from the dead awakened by screams and pain confused and all covered in blood she rose from her grave and walked on her way back home arrived at her house she knocked at the door her husband could not believe what he was seeing she was in front of him, in flesh and blood, frightened to death, he died from the shock lived once, buried twice lived once buried twice! ...after many years Margorie McCall died for real!
alone on a cliff on this black cold mountain smoke is coming out from the ground the soil is burning, the air suffocates me surrounded by flames and infernal laughs my only way to escape is a rotten wood ladder. Trapped in an infernal loop I climb up, fire is chasing me, I go faster, blinded by haze,
taste of sulphur down my throat I hear the sound of cracking wood go faster, my feet are burning, don't turn back, keep climbing go faster, fight to survive, the ladder ends on the same...


released December 3, 2021


all rights reserved




039 death metal - for fans of Bolt Thrower, Asphyx, Morbid Angel, Unleashed

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